Bunker Industries HT160 Hurricane Heavy Duty Utility Tape, .94-Inch x 60-Yards, White

by Bunker Industries
  • UV resistant heavy duty general purpose utility tape
  • Features superior adhesive power
  • Stretch and tear resistant
  • Provides durable weather resistance
  • Use in construction, marine, automotive and home projects
  • Hurricane Tape will resist 50-100 times that of its competition against tearing, flaking decay and breakdown
  • Hurricane Tape is resistant to water, mold, stains and most importantly tearing

Hurricane Tape is a heavy duty general purpose utility tape that can be used as an alternative to duct tape. It is much more durable, weather resistant, and with its high tensile stregth it does not stretch and tear like duct tape - making it a better choice for outdoor and heavy duty applications. Its backing is water-resistant woven polyethylene plastic. With a UV inhibitor added, Hurricane Tape has been proven to stay intact for up to 5 years of continuous weather exposure. The adhesive will not leave a residue if removed within 7-14 days, but will get stickier over time if left in place.